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Featured Photos - Red Sky At Night by Leanne Jijian Hume

Every time Nick Cave fell down – which was frequently – a shudder would pass through the wooden boards. Rowland Howard, seething with disdain, kicked Cave in the ribs and yelled “Get up, ya cunt!” — A pleasant scene from the 1983 Australian tour: A Boy Next Door, Michel Faber (via frankieteardrop) (via frankieteardrop)

https://flic.kr/p/cqrbW9 | Tong Road junction Strawberry Lane, Leeds 12. 1955. | A pleasant scene from the past, as Feltham tram No 547 heads for Leeds city centre. didn,t require speed cameras on Tong Road in those days!

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Pleasant scene: People enjoy punting in the glorious weather through Westgate Gardens in C...

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As I was wandering o'er the green, Not knowing where I went, By chance I saw a pleasant scene, The cottage of content.

"Louis L. Betts (Little Rock 1873 – Bronxville 1961)". "Betts was a painter active in the first half of the twentieth century in the United States, especially noted for his portraits and genre subjects. His handling of paint and the subjects he chose gave his work a grand and conservative quality, recalling Old Master paintings from the Baroque era as well as pleasant scenes with bright colors in an Impressionist style." by encyclopediaofarkansas.net.

Guided Imagery Exercise "In this exercise, I will describe a pleasant scene, and allow you time to experience that scene just as if you were there, while remaining as relaxed as possible.

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