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Also if you're sure of who you are and what you want your bravery should not be 'embarrassing' for you, it is something to be proud of. Be confident of your choices. Don't regret anything. :)

Yes! And thankfully, someone always has walked with me...and now I strive to pay it forward and offer that same gift to others.

I miss you but I hate you and I hate that I miss you, but now its to late to do anything about it except live with the regret.

Ο Ιησούς Χριστός και άλλοι άγιοι βοηθούν την Ελλάδα να ξεπεράσει την κρίση.

Letting go quote/ breakup quote- makes me actually want to see the dentist .Very true quote

take chances. tell the truth. date someone totally wrong for you. say no. spend all your cash. get to know someone random. be random. say i love you. sing out loud. laugh at stupid jokes. cry. apologize. tell someone how much they mean to you. tell a jerk what you think. laugh till your stomach hurts. live life. regret nothing.