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A study shows that daughters whose mothers work end up more successful than women with stay-at-home mums, and sons who grew up with a mother who works grow up to be more "useful" around the house!

My dad, I miss him every day still. He died April 21, 1991 and for the longest time, I was resentful because he never told me he was proud of me for any of my accomplishments; the other day while remembering how he worked to better himself (for his family), I realized that I never told him that I was proud of him.....I'm sorry, Daddy....I am so proud of you, I always was, and hope that you know it <3 I miss you and look forward to hugging you when we meet again in Heaven <3 Love, your…

I asked my three year old daughter to go tell her daddy to come to bed. She went up to him and said "mommy said go to bed. One.... Two.... Don't make me say three"

Love these tips for how to raise a happy, healthy child! From Elizabeth Pantley, the author of The No-Cry Sleep Solution.