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It wasn't until I joined my first Online Accountability Group that I had a support system to help hold me ACCOUNTABLE and MOTIVATED. THIS is where I learned how wrong I was when I thought I was eating Healthy. THIS is where I learned how to workout without just getting on a treadmill!! . If you can relate, it's time to get on track and learn how to reach your GOALS the RIGHT WAY smile emoticon I want to invite YOU to join me!!

This 30-Day Fitness Challenge Will Make You Feel Like A Badass Trying To Loose Weight? Try The 21 Day No Junk Food Challenge !!! Plus Positive Words To Help#HealthFitness#Trusper#Tip

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The Neuroscience of Changing Your Behavior

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9 Motivational Mantras to Get You Back on Track

9 Motivational Mantras to Get You Back on Track It's never too late to rekindle your healthy habits!

Low-Carb Diet: Lose 20-30 Pounds in Two Months

Focus on the healthy eating. Learning to eat more balanced meals will help your body to regulate itself which, in turn, will lead to fat loss. You'll look better and feel better.