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26 Of The Gnarliest Waves Ever Ridden. The Biggest waves in the world. These courageous surfers do battle with Mother Nature on her surf.

If you are looking for the biggest waves to surf in this winter, you should @visitportugal. Nazaré have what you need. Join us at www.ride351.com

It charts how the biggest breaks compare to each other, with the monster waves at Nazare, Portugal, towering over the rest. The infographic explains that quality counts, too.

I wanna go here and just wade in the water and look out at the sea

Moralnihilism: Day 6 San Francisco (by DangerousDan)

The context death of Sion Milosky. #volcompr

The context death of Sion Milosky.


fly out for Christmas in Portland on the The forecasted low .

#Surf #Surffing #Waves

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Drone footage and avant-garde French singing makes even the gnarliest wipeouts at Teahupoo seem somehow calming.

The world’s most dangerous wave has never looked so beautiful

The ocean has so many secrets..no one would be able to find all of them in one life time.

Waves are for surfing what notes are for a piece of music. What many people come to discover from experience is that there are several types of surfing waves,


Took a surfing lesson in 1999 on Maui with Jaime. I road all the way in to shore several times. The waves weren't this exciting, though!


At first I thought it was a tiny wave, then I noticed the even tinier surfers.