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he FBI is instructing local police departments and "communities against terrorism" to consider anyone who harbors "conspiracy theories" abou...

Check out the website: for laws approving the mind invasive technology today nonconsensually, bio-coded Directed Energy Weapon covert torture, and military/law enforcement ongoing efforts to keep it hidden, as well as the official mind control technology patents that are in full use globally and much, much, more!

Deadly hidden Directed Energy Weapon Towers: Do an antenna search for your neighborhood at this link:

The profit in war…

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While on the subject, let's look at this another way... A high level official, covert, massive advanced, mind invasive, psycho-physical torture, human experimentation program, legalized for testing by military and law enforcement and DOD contractors, nonconsensually, secretly, destroying and shattering human lives ruthlessly, without accountability, using technology in research, and ONGOING TESTING, and development for DECADES!

FREE EBOOK - A must for understanding the connection of what is happening today, Nazi scientist brought to the USA after World War II and the quest for a NWO which has evolved into highly advanced technologies, high tech mass social population control.

If a lot of people, highly credible and from all walks of life, are saying the same thing, within the USA and globally, LISTEN!

Good question Bogey! Could it be due to the fact that the oligarchs are hooked on corporate welfare? - Nicky J.