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Used ranger inks to color the clothes pins used a plumbing flange for the holder glued a mesh bag o to the back and made a clothes pin holder

Ana White | Build a Pallet Laundry Basket Dresser by Pallirondack | Free and Easy DIY Project and Furniture Plans

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Laundry Basket Dresser

Now this is handy! With multiple kids around the same age I know I would have a hard time keeping their laundry straight. So: give each one a basket with their name on it and tell them that their dirty clothes go in their own basket.

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15 Ingenious DIY Decor Tricks You've Never Thought Of

15 Ingenious DIY Decor Tricks You've Never Thought Of More

this towel bar mounted under a cabinet keeps hangers untangled and within easy reach as clothes come out of the dryer. If you want to install one, check the thickness of the cabinet before you drive screws. I discovered that a screw through the bottom of a detergent jug won’t cause a leak until you yank the jug out of the cabinet.

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Dreamworld Saturday – Dream Laundry Room Ironing board...why didn't I think if that?! In my laundry room!!!

For laundry room...instead of the ugly tide bottle, use a drink dispenser for detergent. Pretty and you can see how low your getting!!

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Creative Laundry Room Organization

That 'sock' bucket (aka sock hell) works great for odd socks waiting for their mate to make it through a batch of laundry.

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31 Ingenious Ways To Make Doing Laundry Easier

Tellement de bonnes idées... tellement peu de place : (

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Large Sock Holder - Lost Sock Board

needs to make one of thease for my boyfriend and his room mate im always finding one odd sock in a sofa or on the floor never a pair