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Projection. My ex was the laziest, whiniest, most unmotivated toilet-scrubbing loser ever--but I was the bad one, never good enough for him!

Crazy Making Emotional Abuse, Domestic Violence & Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Sanctuary for the Abused: Vulnerability and Other Prey This disorder is of the Cluster B type and is NOT curable, nor redeemable. If a “narcissist”, one of whose core traits are LACK OF EMPATHY, GUILT OR REMORSE,it is NOT POSSIBLE for change.

Why people stay with Narcs so long. So true. But the day comes. You leave or you really get hurt. I waited until I almost lost my unborn child. Don't wait that long.

"If I tell my story 100 times and only one person gets away, it is all worth it." ~ Domestic violence survivor #seethetriumph