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MVRDV's renderings for the Collection Building, a public "art depot" in the Rotterdam's Museum-park. Clad in reflective glass, the structure's facade will be just transparent enough to expose the inner workings of the museum, where according to project description from the firm, a "public route zigzags through the building," from the café-equipped lobby on the ground level to the exhibition space, sculpture garden and restaurant on the roof.

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And Now, a Mind-Altering Museum Inspired by Pink Floyd

To pay tribute to the Pink Floyd legacy, the International Competitions in Architecture recently put out a call for a house of Pink Floyd, which Portuguese design collective Arqbauraum answered with this structural experience. Without any constraints as to site, size, or function, they came up with a building aimed to "return to man a place for him to pulse with the world, a space that appealed to solidarity and to the strength of the use of words."

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Crazy Kazakh City Will Have 'Energy For Life,' 'Energy For All'

Kazakh City, designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, consists of housing, parks, meeting space, exhibition space and pavilions. Click through to see more images of World Expo 2017 in Astana, Kazakhstan.

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Ribbon-Like Broadcast Tower Coming to a Hilltop in Turkey

International architecture firms IND and Powerhouse Company have triumphed in a competition to design a 328-foot-tall broadcast tower in Çanakkale, Turkey with their plan for a ring-shaped platform that rises to form a sleek communications mast. The competition brief also called for exhibition spaces and observation decks.

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Nutso Dueling Building Proposal Offers Rice Paddies In the Sky

These vertical garden towers by Mexico City-based Studio Cachoua Torres Camilletti were designed to look like a pair of craggy, squabbling neighbors and connected via precariously angled bridges, the Hong Kong-based proposal features a huge sheet of glass on one side, a green wall dripping with flowers on another, rice paddies and a fish farming facility up on the roof.

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Extreme Shots of Hong Kong Show a City Climbing Sky High

Extreme shots of Hong Kong show a city climbing sky high. Kowloon city has no rules except for the square-footage of its footprint, which is why the buildings tower over the ground.

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Here's a Cloud-Shaped Skyscraper Set to Drift Above China

This proposed Cloud Citizen skyscraper would stand at 2,231 feet, making it the second tallest building in the world. From the outside the towers look appropriately like a cloud, all interconnected in a stacked, mica-rock-like shape, and even work together to to harvest rainwater and produce power from the sun, wind, and algae.