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this is how i decorated my notebook for english. my teacher has a hemingway obsession and his classroom is a shrine. also we take a field trip to paris later in the year, which is why i put the train tickets on. yeah.


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I've already pinned this, but I don't care. Because I have never in my life missed some one as much as I miss my soldier of a brother. And nothing is truer about how I felt when I finally got to see him after 10 weeks of not even hearing his voice.


Milk every moment for all the pleasure you can get from it.When you say "It is my dominant intent[ion] to look for things that feel good today,no matter where I'm going,no matter what I'm doing,no matter who I'm doing it with,it is my dominant intent[ion]


Live With Less. Reminds me of a special person who reminded me that material things don't matter. As long as you have the bare minimum, some imagination, the courage to try new things that you dont need much else in this commercialized world we live in.