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Genesis 1:20-23 (day 5) We get a whole new form of life on the 5th day. Things that fly and swim. Things in the air and in the water. Again, so much variety on offer. So many details all coming together in one day. You might not see the expanse of day 4... but the color's, the details, the variety. Any chance you get to look through binoculars, or snorkel though the coral will open your eyes to a wonderful kind of beauty.

" IF you keep my commands, you will remain in my love…" (John 15:10) His love will never leave us, and there is no outside force that can separate us from God's love. (Romans 8:38-39) However, we can choose to walk away and separate ourselves from the love of Christ. It's not just a one time decision we make to follow Christ, but we must daily take up our cross and follow him. (Luke 9:23, Romans 11:20-22, Hebrews 6:4-8, Revelation 2:4-5)

We’re Enjoying the Universal Blessing of the Triune God as Joint Heirs with Christ

Genesis 49:22 Joseph is a fruitful bough, A fruitful bough by a fountain; His branches run over the wall.

Don't let your ears witness what your eyes didn't see, don't let your mouth speak what your heart doesn't feel!

Whenever endo gets me down, my boyfriend pulls up this movie clip on YouTube and makes me watch it. Even though I tell him how cheesy and lame it is, I'm really glad he does it. It's a good reminder to have when things are tough.