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why in the world can't my hair grow out of my head just like this??

Rachelle Lefevre (from Twilight and Under the Dome) would make a great Uta, Bel's unwanted heroine in Blood Reunited. Uta, ancient warrior princess, believes in truths beyond explanation, just like Julia in Under the Dome.

Rachelle Lefevre--from Off the Map...gorgeous curls.

How can I make my hair do this? Other than that whole "hair stylist" thing that she probably has, my hair could totally do this. Rachelle Lefevre her luscious curls

Victoria's mother was a scullery maid. She & her older sister, Anne, were illigetimate. They worked hard as servants from early childhood.  The sisters eventually got jobs as servants, but escaped an abusive master, and lived as prostitutes to survive.  Victoria was changed by her sister, who was trying to save her from a life of hunger, poverty, beatings & fear.  They lived in a coven of women.  The Volturi destroyed Victoria's coven & her sister, she escaped, but never trusted other…

La diabolica Victoria (Rachelle Lefevre) per il film Twilight Saga: New Moon: 139691

I never understood why they replace her as Victoria, I never really liked the other woman. She was too...soft.

Then, of course, there's Rachelle Lefevre as Victoria in the first two Twilight movies.her hair was such a great part of the character. Plus, it looks kickin' in real life.

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