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The 5 Things Teens Should Know About Negative Thinking: "They multiply. - They keep you from being your best self. - They stand in the way of your success. - They make you feel lousy. - They can be changed."

from Marji Zintz, The Peaceful Parent Whisperer

Turn it Around ... using this excellent tool!

When Positive Polly is in our brains, we are able to use positive self-talk to help us calm down. When students are upset, anxious or stressed, we can remind them to put Positive Polly in their brains to help alleviate the negative self-talk.

Using a Jacob's Ladder to talk about positive and negative self-talk; social skills or to process interactions with others (mean and kind behaviors). Feel free to comment with your ideas of how to use a Jacob's Ladder in therapy session!

This Paper Fortune Teller, one of a new set of 3, helps children to learn about "All or Nothing Thinking," a style of thinking that leads to many upsetting emotions. Tags: cognitive behavioral therapy, children, game, counseling.