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This dog flying toward his hopes and dreams. This dog just grabbing the door. This cat flying away from his troubles to new beginnings. This dog This dog who is DONE accepting his limits. This pig soaring to new heights. This cat.

Daily Afternoon Randomness (51 Photos)

Cat Humor: Get a human they said… it would be fun they said. And now you understand why the cat's name is CLAWEDYA.

Funny pictures about Poor Tiger. Oh, and cool pics about Poor Tiger. Also, Poor Tiger.

Life’s tough, get a dog (50 Photos)

A dog in the toddler shoe socks. striefler Schleen - Can I have Peri's socks when she outgrows them?

25 Animals That Are Too Fat To Function- hahaha wow this makes me want to go hit the gym! This is pretty sad though. make sure your pets are eating healthy foods and getting enough exercise!