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need to see these movies http://www.totalfilm.com/features/30-movies-with-huge-stars-you-ve-probably-never-seen

30 Movies With Huge Stars. You've Probably Never Seen

paint canvases of someone knitting and connect with a thin knitted scarf. so clever.

What an interesting piece of art! was a toss-up.do I put this on my crochet board or cool stuff one.too bad we cant pin to multiple boards :) diy-good-ideas

This is too cool!!

Home Decor Ideas: 2 Pictures In 1 -- seems like quite a lot of work, but might be fun to try for a family gift or something. This would be cool for something else not pictures of kids.

Did someone get this from inside my head... it's a little too perfect for what is actually going through my head at this point... one detail pending

So perfect. And So true! This quote puts so many of my thoughts into words, and it would've taken me a really long time to do this on my own. Makayla, plese read this, and understand part of what my heart longs to tell you

people always ask me," Why do you get so defensive over people who talk bad about one direction". i reply," These boys saved me, they made me laugh, they gave me something to daydream about in a boring math class, they made me smile, they sang my feelings, they understood how i felt, they made me find my best friend, they made me so so happy ,no matter if it was directly or indirectly, and if someone even tries to make them unhappy by spreading hate towards them, i will do everthing i can…

This Is Us: Teenage Dirtbag < My FAVORITE part of then entire movie ------ fuuuuuck they are so hot i love them

bethechangeyouwant:    Doing this at camp.  Looks awesome and should keep my kids occupied for a hot minute.       That looks awesome!

I loved the idea of this craft, but it's harder than it looks. Only the oldest kids were able to keep the lines straight. However, the kids loved tracing their hands and drawing coloured lines.

I DO appear this way to many people. Maybe someday... they will understand that I really DO have only two hands!!! mj

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Made this double potholder for my mom's birthday this week. I made it to match the applique to an apron for her. Such a quick sewing project.

a little gray: Double Potholder Tutorial. this pin will take you directly to the project

(KO) "Pick me up, Mama. I got the Big Lonesomes. I need cuddles. Then milk. And perhaps some crunchies".           I'm a sucker for this stuff. My two cats play me daily to get their way. And I fall for it every time. This kitten would own me.

She's The Fluffiest Princess Ever

But officer, I'm too cute to be arrested! Pick me up mommy, come on, pick me up please, please?