Words cannot describe!

In honor of my bad haircut : mullet family portrait.a mullet or did they just lose their combs?


you might be a redneck if.you wear ur hat backwards and u have a tan line from it, (wonder what this could be called, not a farmers tan but?

Really what the heck Good gravy another proud Mother moment .

Awkward family photos of Halloween- Mr Mom: A dad who is clearly secure in his masculanity slapped on some lipstick, donned a skirt and a string of pears for this quirky holiday photo-op

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The 24 Most Adorable Kids Halloween Costumes

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"Thinking of Me"  Yeah this awkwardfamilyphotos.com is making me laugh so hard I am crying.

Did people in the actually think the "floating head photo" idea was a good one?

Happy Family

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i have no words...

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A family that perms together stays together. At least the 3 of you look a LITTLE bit better...

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