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(open RP preferably a guy) drew:: I'm at the beach with Michael and a few of his friends for a bin fire. Most of them just pretend to like me for Mikey's sake. He pulls out his guitar and a bunch of girls giggle and the guys cheer him on. I sigh and shake my head walking me away from the group. I loved my brother but I was jealous. He was the talented one in the family. My parents saw no value in my surfing and I had no real friends. I walk towards the shore line and sit down letting the…

"ey im luke im addicted to drugs and sex. im a bit of a player. i sing and play guitar. introduce?"

These are so neat! As a kid, i made one from a Kleenex box! After the neck on our venerable Stella Tenor guitar broke falling from the top of our upright piano…

from Kingdom First Homeschool

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