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Flower Market Discoveries

A flower market is such a fun discovery whether you are traveling far or near home. Just seeing lots of colorful, fresh flower bouquets lifts my spirits.

Know Your Apples: Use the Right Apple for the Right Recipe

If you've ever seen a large apple selection you know these fruits vary so much in color and flavor. Which do you choose when you want apple pie, and which do you choose for fresh, raw salads? Check out these common apple types and the right ways to use them

I woke up today smelling the autumn leaves and the fresh air, my planet is so pretty. I feel good being free. Don't kill me, I did nothing wrong to you, my life is important to me just as much as yours is to you and your loved ones. Be thankful for the beauty you see and walk away.

Eat the Rainbow

~~The Benefits of Eating the Rainbow Infographic | Green, red, yellow, orange, blue, purple and white fruits and vegetables that are grown right out of the ground, nourished by sunlight, and are the healthiest foods on the planet | Reboot with Joe~~