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Scrappy, the USS Yorktown's mascot, in the cockpit of one of the Yorktown’s aircraft. Not long after departure in 1943, Captain Joseph “Jocko” Clark found a small gray dog that some of the pilots had smuggled onto the ship. The dog was dressed in a life jacket and was barking on the Flight Deck. Although the dog’s name was Scrappy, the pilots told the captain, “We call him Jock.” Apparently the quick thinking worked, and the captain allowed the dog to stay. (Courtesy of Patriot's Point)

Although not known exactly when Scrappy arrived on USS YORKTOWN,acknowledged roaming docks of Pearl Harbor alone when ship in to port in 1943. YORKTOWN sailors spotted the dog & smuggled aboard ship in trash can,knowing captain Jocko Clark would not approve of an animal aboard.Crew enjoyed him,& became crew’s mascot.Gray dog’s real name Scrapper Shrapnel,but most called him “Scrappy.” Airedale & though small,was bold-challenging planes on flight deck for territory.

Captain Wiener at the helm - future Rocket Dog for sure!

Vivid account of how the Titanic sank by survivor Jack Thayer, 17, resurfaces in time for centenary

Jack Thayer, 17-yr old Titanic survivor remarked at a Detroit Tigers' game during crowd's tumult - reminded him of the din of the suffering that night. "The most heartrending part of the whole tragedy was the failure, right after the Titanic sank, of those boats which were only partially loaded, to pick up the poor souls in the water. There they were, only 400-500 yds away, listening to the cries, and still they did not come back.If they had turned back several 100 more would have been…