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#Concursos Concurso de ideas para aviación sostenible: Airbus Fly Your Ideas es un concurso mundial para estudiantes en… #convocatorias

Feeling Bipolar Disorder in Your Gut: There’s another system in the body that you may not have heard of that describes this link. It’s called the “enteric nervous system.” Basically, a brain for your gut. This nervous system is a subset of the central nervous system. It’s connected to the brain in your head via nerves like the vagus and pelvic nerves and basically runs the show as far as digesting your food.

7 Signs You Might Have Avoidant Personality Disorder

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Kinda want either a Keeshond or a rotty when I'm moved out

plantas para atraer fortuna

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#OyeJuanjo Universidades extranjeras que dictan cursos online gratuitos y certificados …