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Ford's 1963 Seattle-ite was one of the most visionary concept cars in history, forecasting many technologies far before their time – interchangeable fuel cell power units and bodies, computer navigation and info systems, and four front wheels.

From down right ugly to plain weird, we've tracked down some of the most disastrous dashboards ever Lancia Concept 1970 It doesn’t get much uglier than this dashboard. With an odd tablet-esque...

The U.S. Air Force has used your tax dollars to commission two highly-customized Planelopnik-infused muscle cars complete with radar-absorbing paint, proximity sensors and targeting cameras for its recruitment program. When do we get a turn at the stick?

At the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show Honda will present the AC-X (Advanced Cruiser-X) Concept, a study of a next-generation plug-in hybrid vehicle focused on passengers’ comfort and two driving modes.

In the era of smartphones and internet at the tip of our fingers, we live in a smart world. We make smarter decisions day in day out for every small or huge matter at hand. The new entrant to the smarter world is smart automobiles, mostly cars.

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