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"Musical gentrification: where people with the means to live anywhere fucking insist on moving into the one part of town where all the cool shops are, and there goes the neighborhood." -- Winston Rowntree

Meatpacking District, Manhattan - runs roughly from West 14th St south to Gansevoort St and from Hudson River east to Hudson Street...moving north to West 16th ST and east beyond Hudson Street. fashion boutiques are among 35 remaining slaughterhouses for meat packing. Apple Store in this area @14th and 9th AVE. Pastis restaurant in this area. Area south of the Chelsea area but north of Greenwich Village area.

6/ QUARTIER OLYMPIADES Michel Holley, 1973-1976

Meatpacking District’s “Drag Queen Stroll” in the 80s | Jeff Cowen, talks about “The Stroll,” the area along 17th Street and 9th Avenue west to the Hudson River in the Meatpacking District on Gansevoort — “a haven for the largest transvestite subculture on the east coast,” struggling with poverty, homelessness, frequent assaults on sexworkers, HIV/AIDS and drug abuse.

A Story of Gentrification in Brooklyn, NYC - NYTimes - really interesting to see gentrification from the point of view of a gentrifier, with a really striking image at the end.

6/ QUARTIER OLYMPIADES Michel Holley, 1973-1976

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