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Full Galactic Disclosure by Elizabeth Trutwin, March 23, 2014 - Free energy - pyramid advance technology, Nikola Tesla free energy work destroyed by JP Morgan, Moon landings UFO cover-up, Government disclosure.

Arguments are still being made to both the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers about the best ways that they should change their tactics to best change the feelings people have about one world rule. Some of those who are within the Rockefellers are desirous to use the ebola outbreak as a way to create a desire for one world rule.

There are those within the elite, who continue to argue about the best ways to manipulate people into having a desire for one world rule. There are those who believe that it must begin with one world banking. This is why there is currently such a battle for Ukraine. Russia is standing against one world banking, and the majority of those within the elite families believe that Russia must be either forced to sign on to one world banking, or they must be eliminated. The takeover of…

Ebola and One World Rule --- there are solutions to these outbreaks.  However, those who have the first strains of cure for Ebola have been forbidden to use it without direction from government officials. Read more

Who has a 300% increase over two years? And we're worried about Romney's tax returns? You can only imagine what she's worth today!