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The Vision of St. Helena | Paolo Veronese | 1560-65 | oil on canvas | 77 3/4 x 45 1/2 in | National Gallery, London, UK

If you were to look at the time that humans have been on Earth, you'd be surprised that we're just a small fraction of

Cryolophosaurus is the first meat-eating dinosaur to be discovered on the frozen continent of Antarctica. It was an odd looking dinosaur, fairly large for such an early hunter. It had a bizarre crest running across its head, just over the eyes, where it rises up, perpendicular to the skull, and fans out. Walking with dinosaurs. The holotype and only known individual of Cryolophosaurus is estimated as 6.5 metres long and weighing 465 kilograms.

Cristofano Allori (1577–1621) Judith with the Head of Holophernes, c. 1613 Oil on canvas 120.4 × 100.3 cm (47.4 × 39.5 in) Royal Collection