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At one point the wireless officers sent a message saying,"shut up"! To another ship for warning them about icebergs. (Rumored to be the "possible nearby Californian")

To mark Capt. E.J. Smith's 43 years at sea, White Star gave its retiring top skipper a farewell gift: command of Titanic's first crossing to New York.

The Titanic wreck has many unforgettable images, icons and reminders of human hubris; the empty lifeboat davits...the telemotor which once held the ship's wheel and where Robert Hichens frantically flung the wheel to evade the wall of ice ahead...the noble prow emerging from the mud rather than the North Atlantic swell...and the crow's nest, mounted to the foreward mast, and where lookouts Fleet and Lee first saw the invincible force of nature, and warned the bridge by ringing the bell.

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Steward's Premonition - Mr. Thomas Whiteley, a steward on the Titanic, who was saved. See his Geni profile

This guy has a good point

This guy has a good point. Why would you continue sail on a ship deemed the sister ship of the Titanic? That doesn't even sound like a good idea.

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