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Quilt Beading Thom Atkins Look close -- those iridescent bugles are just perfect for Ravens shiny feathers.

Opportunists 1 by SIT (street artist from Amsterdam)

My Inner Raven by Cat Larrea Art Quilt ~ 18 x 13 <3

The Oxton Art Fair 2012 - The 9th annual Oxton Art Fair is a wonderful showcase of art, craft and design from local artists within four of galleries of the Williamson Art Gallery in Birkenhead.

Made by Thom C Atkins Quilted by Thom C Atkins Started in 2009, Finished in 2010

'Moon Glow' by Miriam Otte - this is a quilt., but what about this look on the leg of jeans.

Great art quilt - love the crow footprint along the top!

Textile art free machine embroidered picture of an owl in a moonlit landscape, created by the wonderfully talented Rachel Wright.