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Did you know that dehydrating food keeps the nutrients intact? Plus, it's easier and takes up less space than canning! Learn how to dehydrate jalapeño peppers.

DEHYDRATING BELL PEPPERS - After running into a great deal on bell peppers I decided to dehydrate them for future use. It was easy - check it out! #TaylorMadeHomestead

Conditioning dehydrated food is a step often missed - but it's vital for mushrooms. Read more about conditioning food here on Mother Earth News.

In the past I have dehydrated zucchini by slicing it and then drying the slices to add to soups, etc. I have also sliced it thin and sprinkled seasoning on...

How to dehydrate potatoes. A step by step photo guide including ideas and recipe for how to use them. Important information about blanching potatoes before drying. This is the ultimate how to for dehydrating potatoes.

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