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from Strong Stepmom Awareness Campaign


This quote should be in every court order involving children and be on the wall above the judge in every courtroom that hears cases involving children. Parents who do this are selfish, period.

How To Make Divorce And Custody Arrangement Less Stressful For Your Kids

Coparenting. It's a real thing that adults do to raise healthy children. Kids deserve unrestricted access to both parents


Talking Points

I haven't been as good as I should've been at giving this gift to my children. Making it a goal going forward!!!!!

Dan dexter has destroyed my relationship with my daughter through parental alienation .. I do not agree that it's a syndrome .. But the other parent is very mental abusive with control issues. And in return the innocents of a child is destroyed .. I do believe it should be used in courts as mental abuse toward the child or children it is just as dangerous to a child as physical abuse!" Bruises heal warping a child's mind takes years to fix,sometimes it is permanently broken.

This is why step parents can be a 'bonus'. More love, more help, more success. Parents & bonus parents should be a TEAM for their kids -children & adult children w/grandkids. #familymatters

Every parent needs to think twice before bad mouthing the other parent in front of or within ear range of a child. A child has the right to love both parents and should not be forced to choose. Actions speak louder than words. Children will never forget don't let them live with regret in their hearts because of your own selfish unresoled issues.