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Not only books.

The Everything Library lends not only books, but anything a person might need for a little while. Today, you're borrowing a grandmother.

"I once saw someone skipping rocks and eating a sandwich on the beach. He tossed his sandwich in the water and bit the rock and froze and I just watched him die a little inside :("

little personal blanket to make the hospital photos just that bit cuter

"I'm a 2nd grade teacher and today I decided to dress up a little and wear lipstick and one of my students said "Ms. T, you look like a princess today". Made my heart melt. "

from Heart of a Baker

Beignets with Dark Chocolate Espresso Sauce

You know that happy/delighted dance you do when you just took a bite of something awesome (it’s a little bit of hip shimmy and a lot of fist pumping), that was totally happening with these.

gif, mystic messenger, and luciel choi 이미지