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Ade Santora ✔ Cool Black White: Photos like this make me love photography so much.

x-boys by Ade Santora. Reminds me of the boys who climb up the mooring ropes of the cruise ships and jump off.

Vogue australia  Jaar: 1964 Fotograaf: onbekend

What ever do you mean, the other mother's do not have a pet kangaroo darling? Photo by Helmut Newton, shot in Australia for Vogue, May

3-D Movie Audience: Photo by J.R. Eyerman, 1952.  J.R. Eyerman's peek inside the opening-night screening of Bwana Devil, the first full-length color 3-D feature, certainly is peculiar: Men and women, young and old all angle in the same direction, formally dressed but for those silly specs over their eyes. Funny as it is, with the audience members coming off like clones of an alien species, there's also prescience in the photo -- not just about the emergence of special effects in cinema but…

J.R. Eyerman—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images - The opening-night screening of Bwana Devil, the first full-length, color movie, November at the Paramount Theater in Hollywood.

Cool! http://www.underwateraudio.com/waterproof-ipod-shuffle/ #UnderwaterAudio

An image of Somerville House Girls School training for G., Musgrave Park Pool by Craig Holmes

Underwater Photography by Elena Kalis

Underwater Photography by Elena Kalis

Fence and Snow by Neil Johnson #Photography #Patterns www.lab333.com https://www.facebook.com/pages/LAB-STYLE/585086788169863 http://www.labstyle333.com www.lablikes.tumblr.com www.pinterest.com/labstyle

This shows pattern. It is a good picture because it is simple, with a little snow detail. The eye moves through the picture to look at the amount of snow on each section of fence.

Photo noir et blanc d'un passage piéton et bas d'une silhouette humaine à 90° #blackandwhite

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