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UP Michigan, Pictured Rock National Lakeshore - kayaked along the water trail from 12mile beach to Little Beaver Lake and back. 3 days of seeing almost no other person. Lake superior was really warm that year we were there. No wet suit. Just jump in and stay in and don't die. We also kayaked around Miners Castle. Amazing colorful Cliffs.

Lake Superior

he Lake Superior drainage basin is rich in natural resources and scenic beauty. It is sparsely populated and economically dependent on its natural resources, which include metals, minerals, forests and recreation,tourism opportunities such as national lak

born in nebraska, grew up in illinois, fell in love with michigan and adore new for state…very lucky that all are "home!----gg--They failed to say, you can drive to Paradise in the north, Hell in the south or enjoy Christmas all year round in Michigan.

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Isle Royale National Park Isle Royale National Park is in northern Michigan on Lake Superior, near the Canadian border, with great hiking an...

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