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Everyday countless fingers touch these bathroom handles. It makes me stop and think. That's why I strongly believe in using Monofoil.

Green and Clean Keeps on Working Once you clean the mold off in your bathroom, let dry, then spray with Monofoil. It keeps on working for up to 30 days or longer. Now that will be a BIG help. No more scrubbing everyday. Did you know most of the cleaners out there STOP working once they dry? Nope, didn't know that either until I found Monofoil, a long lasting product. Find Monofoil at

And we thought doctors offices were places to wait and be helped. Yikes! Bacteria, viruses and microbes are everywhere. Spraying with disinfectants only last until dry then the process can repeat. Monofoil gives long lasting, 30 days or more of protection. AND it cannot create Superbugs. Now what do you think of this little secret? You doctors can start calling me anytime now for Monofoil.

Touch the FLOOR, touch the DOG, touch the TOILET HANDLE, touch the NOSE, touch the PURSE, touch the BABY, touch your FORK, touch MONEY, touch the Whatchamacallits, Touch the KEYBOARD, repeat the microbial mess... EWWWWWWWW..... Get Monofoil at:

This is what MOMs for Monofoil is all about. Family, cleaning and finding that one-of-a-kind product that can protect your family and it keeps on working for at least 30 days. NOW that puts a twist on my everyday cleaning. Just think of all the other things you can accomplish when you do not have to keep repeating the same cleaning ritual everyday. We all want a Monofoil House.

from Bleacher Report

WWE: To All People Who Say Pro Wrestling Is "FAKE"

there is no off is a lifestyle, not a competition. And that goes for germs too. Did you know there is a unique product out there ca!led MonoFoil? Once applied to the mats, equipment, lockerrooms, showers and even in the wash can eradicate germs/ microbes for 30 days or longer. Can you imagine the health benefitz for your entire team? Start a MonoFoil campaign. Have your moms and coach each purchase MonoFoil. You could even fundraise it and sell to other team moms like football…