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In January, 1961 the Friends for Democratic Cuba was founded by ex-FBI agent Guy Bannister and former Oswald employer Gerard Tujague. Members included FBI Agents Lansing Logan and Regis Kennedy, CIA Agents William Dalzell and Joseph Newbrough, anti-Castro Cubans Sergio Arcacha Smith and Carlos Quiroga, soldier of fortune types like ex-marine Joseph Moore and Jim Ivey and local businessmen like Gerard Tujague and Grady Durham.

Robert Maheu, who ran a cover company in D.C. for the recruitment of assassins to kill Castro, and Guy Banister, via Carmine Bellino. Bellino, who shared offices with Maheu, also partnered with Banister and helped him get started in New Orleans. Walter Sheridan brought Bellino (pic, center) onto the RFK “get Hoffa” squad. “It seems a bit ironic that a trusted aide of Robert Kennedy had been the partner of the man who helped set up the fall guy in the murder of his brother,”

Jacqueline Kennedy, with visible bloodstains. "Let them see what they did" is what she said.

Another grassy knoll eyewitness: James L. Simmons was a prosecution witness at the Clay Shaw trial. He was watching from the Dealey Plaza overpass and testified that the shot sounded like it came from behind the wooden fence on the grassy knoll. Like many others, he also saw puffs of smoke from that direction.

The Babushka Lady, first seen minutes before the shooting, last seen minutes after. Her moves across Dealey Plaza, before she and her photographs disappeared forever.