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Lassie... just the music could make me cry

Lassie & Timmy (Lassie was a boy dog and his real name was Pal and owned by trainer Rudd Weatherwax) and, over the next 19 years, a succession of Pal's descendants appeared on the series.

Song list

Top songs 1972 - These songs I remember so well! They were a big part of my teen years and they hold a lot of great memories. The year 1972 really holds a very special place in my heart, for that was the year I met my future husband.

The Munsters

The Munsters Television Show Documentary. the munsters. the munsters the munsters munsters munsters munsters # the munsters # the munsters mun.

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RIP Davy Jones- Hey, hey we're the monkees! And we love to monkey around.

Annette Funicello ,such an inspiration to us all... MIC-KEY MOUSE

Annette Funicello passes away at age 70.

Dewey Decimal System Day-where would library books be without it? In a big messy pile. Stop at a library & get a book. See life before Google.

Genealogy Humor: 10 Comic Finds That Made Us Laugh Out Loud

prehistoric googling ~ a time when everybody new the Dewey Decimal system.or use a Librarian to find a book!

The Munsters - saw all the re-runs as a kid

"The Munsters in color" The famous tv series " The Munsters " was a family made of monsters mixed with a character that acted as a.

The Flinstones..Willllmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

The Flintstones ("Cool tv show originally from the but watched it faithfully growing up in the ♥♡♥Love!

Curling your hair, 60s style  You ever try sleeping in those babies??

Curling your hair, style. Remember the plastic brush rollers with picks to hold them on place? After washing hair, you would roll it around the curlers. And to think we slept in those things!