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Orrery and Armillary Sphere by Henry Bryant, Patented Sept. 10, 1872, The Celestial Indicator is a unique American combination of an Armillary Sphere (rings showing the celestial circles of the earth and sky) and an Orrery (showing relative planetary movements in the solar system).

Armillary sphere Jost Bürgi and Antonius Eisenhoit: Armillary sphere with astronomical clock, made 1585 in Kassel, now at Nordiska Museet in Stockholm -Armillary_sphere_with_astronomical_clock.jpg 450×600 pixels

Anémomètre de Pajot marquant la direction et la vitesse du vent sur 2 bandes de papier | Musée des arts et métiers

19th C. Parisian Brass Telescope | Reproduced from a 19th-century original by a Parisian manufacturer of telescopes, microscopes and lenses, this telescope is a perfect blend of technology and historical design. Resting on the vintage-inspired tripod base is a powerful lens with 12x magnification and an antiqued finish that recalls the original. ($2995)

RARE instrument scientifique pendule de Mach 19ème in Collections, Sciences, médecine, mesure, Instruments de mesure | eBay

Armillary Sphere by LadyVenovel Photography / Other©2010-2013 LadyVenovel by Gualterus Arsenius, Louvain, 1568 This is a so-called Ptolemaic or earth-centered armillary sphere. Armillary spheres were used as teaching tools and, sometimes, to aid astronomical calculations. Around the central Earth are rings that represent the main celestial circles. Off these circles, there are pointers marking the positions of key stars.