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Blue Parrotfish The blue parrotfish is a member of the parrotfish genus Scarus. It is found on coral reefs in shallow water in the tropical and subtropical parts of the western Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Come to Aruba to see it up close!

The beautifully colored parrot fish is known to change its shape, color, and even gender during its life.

'Parrotfish' changes itself from Female to Male. Almost all Parrotfish species are sequential hermaphrodites, starting as females (known as the initial phase) and then changing to males (the terminal phase). Parrotfishes are a group of approximately ninety species of fishes traditionally regarded as a family (Scaridae), but now often considered a subfamily (Scarinae) of the wrasses.

ZSL animal photography prize 2013 - in pictures

Credit: Michael Gallagher/ZSL Animal Photography Prize 2013 Parrotfish portrait, by Michael Gallagher, adult highly commended in the deep and meaningful category