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These soft patches of grass in Siberia look like a cool trampoline, but are actually concealing dangerous bubbles of methane. It’s probably a good thing the guy didn’t shoot the bubble at the end.

She creates the frozen bubbles in the back garden of her home in Pennsylvania and uses the rising sun to light up the bubbles from behind

China bans schools and parents in Muslim province from spreading religion to young people - Daily Mail

Hundreds of bodies of dead wildebeest have been found dead in Mara River in northern Serengeti, Tanzania on September 28, 2015. But nobody knows why.

If something breaks, you don't automatically have to throw it away. These geniuses have found unique ways to fix their broken items - with an added twist - and the results are ingenious.

The 4ft 7in amphibious beast, weighing in at about 104 lbs and thought to be around 200-years old, was stumbled upon going about its business recently in a cave in Chongqing.

Stunning New Zealand boltholes being bought by the world's super-rich - civil unrest aprehension

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