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These Deadly Underground Methane Bubbles Look Deceptively Fun

These soft patches of grass in Siberia look like a cool trampoline, but are actually concealing dangerous bubbles of methane. It’s probably a good thing the guy didn’t shoot the bubble at the end.

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328 foot-long floating barrier will collect ocean trash (Engadget)

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Wonder Bread Plus Fire Makes a Miraculous Material

In the following video Canadian YouTuber AvE demonstrates that Wonder Bread can be transformed into carbon foam – a substance that is said to be similar to

from ScienceDaily

Ancient plants reawaken: Plants exposed by retreating glaciers regrowing after centuries entombed under ice

Bryophytes are extremophiles that can thrive where other plants dont, hence they play a vital role in the establishment, colonization and maintenance of polar ecosystems

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Engineer Discovers Something Amazing in Da Vinci's 'Irrelevant Scribbles'

Never assume that Leonardo Da Vinci’s doodles are meaningless. That, at least, is the takeaway of a new study out of the University of Cambridge, which shows that a page of Leonardo’s scribbled notes from 1493—previously dismissed as “irrelevant” by art historians—is actually the first written demonstration of the laws of friction.

from National Geographic News

Desert-Dwelling Fish Can 'Hold Its Breath' for Five Hours

from National Geographic News

Watch: Cave-Climbing Fish Found—Is It Evolution in Action?