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A nurse ~ yes, becoming a nurse is number one on my bucket list. Ever since I became very sick at the age of 10 I've wanted to become a nurse, and I believe I can. What's number one on your bucket list?


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Nurses are like, thank you lord, my shift if over. And thank you Lord I'm off for 7 days!

It's all about the poop!

And then you do the "poop dance" ! And yes this is a real thing that EVERY nurse does lmao

So you're a nurse?  Can I ask you a qu...  No

Haha YES! I love teaching people about health, that's why I became a nurse!

Yes it is

Damn it! Then is past tense. Than is a comparison. If you're going to make a meme, at least get the spelling right!

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Yep everyday these days lol

Especially when you're actually a Respiratory Therapist

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When you overhear the charge nurse getting ready to assign the new admit // don't pick me