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The drink is your temporary distraction

Its funny because looking back, I realise now how much more I knew about your life than you knew about mine. I was just another option to you. One that would see you through for a while, help you to appear a little better, while you planned your eventual escape route. To the place where you always felt you belonged. With the real people. Because I was only a temporary distraction. A necessary sacrifice. One of those ones that is vital for the overall outcome. Because really...


Attention Sappers: 5 Reasons You Can't Concentrate


Can Tea Help Calm an Upset Stomach?

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A Helpful List of Fake-News Sites to Watch Out for on Facebook

Fake News Sites promoted on Facebook. Just because Facebook isn’t doing anything about it doesn’t mean you can’t.

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How to Use Google Chrome to Boost Your Productivity

What if you could use a tool we usually see as a distraction machine to make you more productive? Click through to learn my favorite tips, tricks, and extensions for using Google Chrome to get stuff done.

Finding Your Way Into Your Story | think of beginnings as a way into story so that we can start drafting with some momentum and unburden ourselves from the temporary distraction and pressure of firsts (line, page, paragraph, chapter, beat, turning point). There’s time later for further development and revision. If you, like me, just want to return to the word-feast, consider finding a way into your story by starting it with one of the following:

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13 Wacky Ways to Beat Procrastination With IFTTT

Squeeze more out of your work time. Solve the productivity puzzle by keeping distractions and procrastination at bay with these smart IFTTT recipes.

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Signs of Emotional Overeating and What to Do to Stop It

Emotional overeating is craving for food when you have to deal with negative emotions. Did you ever ask yourself why you indulge in a lot of food after a bad day? Definitely its a way of distraction from the problem that concerns. The problem which is created is double. First the relief is only temporary. […] | via @lifeadvancer -

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A Service Dog Got His Caricature Drawn At Disneyland And People Can't Handle It

Yahoo’s volunteer confirmed to BuzzFeed News that she and a friend took their two service pups to a place where there were “high levels of distractions” but would also be “a fun trip” for them. | A Service Dog Got His Caricature Drawn At Disney And People Are Losing It