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Netanyahu: Hamas is trying to start another Holocaust | Ynetnews - http://go.shr.lc/1jZsDEl #Palestine pic.twitter.com/ARNN73ix8V

Israel massacres Palestinians in Jenin refugee camp! What is happening in Jenin are not only war crimes being co... pic.twitter.com/JtfP6LvwnQ

Isn't it interesting that Israelis and many Jews deny the existence of Palestinians and Palestine, and YET, Ariel Sharon's birth certificate states born in PALESTINE in 1928. HOW AWKWARD! The lies they tell and retell..SMH

I just love this. #BDS pic.twitter.com/EF16PG4pw5

The situation between Palestine & ləɐɹsı is not a war... it's a ruthless, heartless, illegal, inhumane occupation.

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