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Close up view of a patented AAP Hydro Sponge Filter, showing the pores and higher bio and debris trapping capacity of these unique sponge filters. This particular sponge is quite full of organic debris based on this close up inspection, an amount that would stop effective flow with most of the common knock offs.

Sponge Filters, Canister Filters, Fluidized Sand Filters?? Not sure which to get for your tank project? This article gives a run down on the perfect filter to get.

THE PREMIUM Aquarium Sponge Filter with as much as 5 TIMES the bio and mechanical capacity of commonly sold Chinese knock offs!!

The picture demonstrates the high density of sponge pores found in a quality sponge. This is unlike most every other sponge which have more in common with the foam in your couch cushion!

This diagram/picture shows how I have plumbed a 250 gallon aquarium (& larger), both fresh and saltwater (reef). This set up includes a high bio-capacity FSB filter (of which these have far more bio capacity over ANY canister filter), along with a top notch level 1 high dwell time UV Sterilizer.