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Ecuador. Salitre (Guayas). Day of the Montubios, Montubio is how the mestizo people of Ecuador's lowlands call themselves. Before the rodeo, the participating teams ride through town, their high-spirited female leaders first. victorenglebertphotography

Q’ero peoples, I experienced their Andean mountain existence of 15,000 feet. It is high up, cold and intense. The moment I stepped foot into our first camp at 10,000 feet I could feel the emotions welling up inside of me, connecting me to an ancient land where only tenacious people could survive.

Me and my lovely daddy, who passed away three years ago

Healer of Souls, A by Dawn Paul,

This shaman wears an upright plume of feathers for a headress. “Snakes” hang down the back. Note that the drum is constructed with cross pieces and has what appears to be bells or jingle cones hanging inside the drum.