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many people do not appreciate what they've got until it's gone, just as some do not appreciate the light until they have went through dark times. I believe it is the journey through our most difficult struggles that truly help us grow. What do you think?

14 Quotes To Inspire Your New Year’s Resolutions For 2014

14 Quotes To Inspire Your New Year's Resolutions For 2014

And true information is getting very hard to find. Be REALLY informed. Be intelligent think, analyse, try to UNDERSTAND everything. Question, think and don’t ‘eat’ fast food ‘information’ that is almost always engineered prosessed artfully crafted lies th

Wednesday quote! (French By Design)

Since I’m starting to focus some of my blog on improving my life and your lives as well. I want to share occasional life lessons as I find them. I think it can be helpful, at least it is to me, to learn from other people. So I need to get an ID, I don’t …