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An idea to illustrate the Temptation of Jesus. Have a delicious looking loaf of bread on the communion table or available for everyone to see, and while you talk about Jesus' hunger, and his wanting bread, the people seeing it will want a piece of the bread on the table. But they cannot have it, not yet. That is the nature of temptation, and now they are sharing in the temptation of Jesus.

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Sunday School Training Day Ideas and Discussion Starters

Daily Devotional - 4 Ways Defeating Temptation Makes Us Like Jesus : Rick Warren #Christianquote

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From Scratch Recipes

Recipes full of nourishing, whole food ingredients. No industrial oils, artificial sweeteners, MSG, or fake food allowed! -

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Dark Temptress

How to make paneer at home by Journey Kitchen.

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Mexico On My Plate: Queso Fresco The Easy Way, Version 1

Nancy Lopez-McHugh serves up a first batch of authentic and simple Mexican queso fresco. More to follow.

Trinity Sunday Craft Pretzel made of clay models the Trinity with each compartment representing God in three persons; God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

More Vegetables in the Diet Leads to Better Kidney Function for Those with Chronic Kidney Disease - The People's Pharmacy®