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Elder Care in Millstone NJ: When it comes to making sure that your elderly loved one stays as healthy as possible, one of the most important things that you can do is improve his diet. Many elderly adults come from a "steak and potatoes" mentality when it comes to food and remember when it was normal for a person to never eat a vegetable that did not come out of a can.

Senior Care in Allentown NJ: You already know that keeping your aging loved one active is an essential element of your senior care journey with her, but sometimes it is difficult to convince an elderly adult, particularly one who has not been very active throughout her life or who is reluctant to get active because of physical limitations or challenges, to get the physical exercise that she needs.

Home Care in San Clemente CA: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 30 percent of people is at risk of developing diabetes. One in every three children today will develop diabetes at some point in their lifetimes.

Sugar substitutes – are they a way for seniors to enjoy sweets guilt free? Or, are they simply another substance that is not good for health? For seniors who strive to eat a healthy diet in order to Senior-Care-Monmouth-Junction-NJprevent health problems, keep excess weight off, and to manage chronic medical conditions, these questions are bound to come up.

Alzheimer’s Care in Bernardsville NJ: People with Alzheimer’s aren’t going to process information or think the same way they did in their younger years.

Alzheimer's Care in Mt. Laurel NJ: March is National Caffeine Awareness Month, a good time to consider other causes of your senior's insomnia.

Some elderly loved ones resist the idea of a walker because they fear that it makes them seem older than they are or infirm somehow. The truth is that a walker can help your loved one to use less energy when walking so that she’s not as tired at the end of the day.

Home Care in East Brunswick NJ: May is National Osteoporosis Month. During this month, find out ways that you can help your aging parent maintain a high quality of life even while dealing with the challenges of osteoporosis.

Senior Care in Lakewood NJ: Try some of these tricks to simplify some of the more challenging cleaning tasks through your parent's home.

A pet can play an important role in your parent’s life as they age in place. This animal can help keep your aging loved one’s mental and emotional health high, reduce anxiety, depression, and loneliness, and even offer physical health benefits including lower blood pressure and better heart rate.