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Hahahahahahahaha! I laughed way harder than I should have

20 jokes that are just ok.

from Design The Life You Want To Live

VIDEO is like standing buck-naked in front of your mother

This would be Camille from gymnastics! She also recently badly broke her nose and needed surgery by running into a little kid on the playground!

I laughed a little too hard at some of these...

Here Are 21 Hilariously Evil Ways To Drive A Person Crazy. #5 Would Do It For Me... OMG.

from Dummies of the Year

12 Funny Quotes for Today

I especially like what I call "The 5 minute slap". You sarcastically call somebody out, and they don't understand it for 5 or more minutes...then when they finally do, they go, "hey, wait a minute!", but it's long over by then…!!

from theCHIVE

Daily Afternoon Randomness (50 Photos)

"Yo Mama" jokes crack me up, and I have no clue why. It's probably because my mama makes them about herself :)