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我第一次看到有石獅子的性器官做的如此明顯的…..羞… 金門,天后宮,2014 #taiwan #kinmen #temple #travel #photography #culture #religion #architecture

Steven Crook tells us about the lions that protect the outlying island of Kinmen from blustering winds:

"Sanxiantai aka Terraces of the Three Immortals was named after three of Taoism’s Eight Immortals, what was originally a little peninsula was worn down by wind and water until it became an island that’s now linked to the mainland by a distinctive eight-arch pedestrian bridge." Taiwan: the Bradt guide;

Longshan Temple (龍山寺)

台北,艋舺,龍山寺 Lunshan Temple, Manga, Taipei #taiwan #taipei #travel #photography #temple #religion #culture #architecture #monga

"Like many guidebook writers, I care deeply about the destination. Hopefully, some of my missionary zeal shows through. But really my job is an excuse, the best one yet invented, to go everywhere. I’ve always wanted to see what’s over the next hill and around every corner. I’m fortunate to have Taiwan, where the hills are numerous and where each corner – both literal and figurative – leads to many others." Taiwan: the Bradt Guide;

"Taiwan's Kenting National Park boasts superb beaches and was Taiwan's first national park having been established in 1982." Taiwan: the Bradt Guide;