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'Aurasma' is another app, which does very similar things to 'Blippar'. This video show that when you hold it up to the cover of this edition of GQ, it links to a video of the cover content. Again, I think this technology could work well with particular books, perhaps illustrations could link to digital content in some way to create an interactive playful narrative?

from Kingston Publishing: inspiring future publishers

Innovative book, library and interface design thriving in 2013

"Kapow!" by Adam Thirlwell. This spread gets the reader to unfold the page in order to read hidden sections of text. The page on the right shows paragraphs of text that merge into one another but in different directions, which forces the reader to turn the book around in order to read it.

"Kapow!" by Adam Thirlwell. This spread shows in more detail how paragraphs of text have been intersected with other paragraphs of text that have been orientated in different directions. Text has also been broken up with white space, forcing the readers eye to jump across gaps. This is definitely visually intriguing but perhaps not the most comfortable way to read content, though I do like that you have to turn the book to actually read certain parts of it.

"Kapow!" by Adam Thirlwell. Another fold out section with text orientated in different ways. It really is a book that forces you to interact with it in order to follow the narrative and it brings a playful personality to the book.