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A government owned by corporations cannot, and will not, protect its citizens and the environment properly.

I agree except that by this definition, it is not a true democracy. Calling it democracy just makes us turn a blind eye what's actually going on. America. || Russell Brands

Monsanto is the same company that made Agent Orange which cause over birth defects and causes lung, prostate and liver cancer (statistics from the US Department of Veterans Affairs Office) Monsanto told us Agent Orange was safe, too

Don't believe the hype Christian America!!! The so-called modern-day nation of "Israel" is NOT the same as the Biblical nation of Israel but instead a fabrication of the global elite shadow government to help bring about the NWO via their systematically diabolical fulfilling of Jesuit created Futurist FALSE prophecy!!! But please don't take my word for it… Google these things yourself to see what I'm talking about… "… and all the world marveled after the beast." Revelation 13:3

Soul says, "This disgusts and angers me. There's something terribly, terribly wrong when our "justice" system puts away a rapist (& MURDERER) for less time than someone who shared digital files. What is going on in your country? This makes NO SENSE! UGH!!!!!!!"