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Kubrick's biggest WTF moment is finally explained.

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Stanley Kubricks Boxes

Stanley Kubrick Boxes

Watch: How Stanley Kubrick Reshaped and Redefined the Cinematic Experience

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Guillermo Del Toro Reveals His 5 Biggest Tips For Making A Movie

Guillermo Del Toro Reveals His 5 Biggest Tips For Making A Movie. Really good article for any kind of artist.

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9 Genius Filmmaking Tips from Roger Corman, the 'Pope of Pop Cinema'

9-genius-filmmaking-tips-roger-corman-locarno Corman - Masque of Red Death

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5 Hitchcock Techniques You Might Want to Be Using in Your Films

If you're looking at your project right now -- maybe you're going over the footage you shot today or are editing all of your raw material -- and you're feeling like it's falling a bit flat, it might be time to take some notes from the master. Alfred Hitchcock wasn't just the Master of Suspense; he was the master of capturing and eliciting powerful emotions from his actors and audiences through several cinematic techniques -- ones that every filmmaker should learn at some point in their career...